Phreatic Zones

Marian Goodman Gallery, London


Phreatic zones was an art installation by artist Cristina Iglesias at Marian Goodman Gallery in London. The idea behind it was that it put forward a concept of a secret river running under London, beneath the paving slabs.

ParryPage was tasked to raise the entire gallery floor so that Aluminum cast riverbed sections could be sunken in to the new temporary raised floor. We survey and calculated each individual floor tile which were Mdf with a special stone dust compound paint applied to them to match the pavement stabs outside the gallery.

The raised floor system was a custom modular system designed by us. It was made of section of mdf which large circular hole cut into them, this allowed any pipework and wiring to simply be passed through and across the gallery floor.

The reduction in material also allowed each piece to be lighter to carry allowing the install to be more efficient and faster.

If you would like to learn more here are some links:

Lansdowne Crescent


Architect : PataLab

Client : Private

Lansdowne Crescent was a large restoration job in Notting hill. We were chosen by Patalab to design and construct bespoke blind boxes to house integrated blind mechanisms. This required producing a prototype unit to test the blind system as the blind system in question was not design to be integrated. This required Parrypage to work closely with the project manager, blind supplier and manufacture of the blind system to make this project a success.

Should I stay or should i go…

Anri Sala


“Should I stay or should I go” was an unreleased art piece by artist Anri Sala.

It was 3 large sections of concrete that when installed would intersect with each other. Across the face of each section of concrete were a selection of holes that are copied from a barrel organ score that would play “should I stay or should I go” by British punk band “The Clash “.

The project required ParryPage to design, engineer and construct concrete moulds, as well as make a steel wire sub frame to reinforce and hold the concrete together.

However despite our efforts the art work was rejected due to a manufacturing issue with the concrete and had to be destroyed.

We are however still proud of the amount of work and dedication that went into the construction of this art piece.