Architect: David Adjaye

Client: Serpentine Gallery

The reception desk at the Serpentine gallery was built and engineered by Parrypage and designed by David Adjaye.

The desks construction is 3 powder coated mild steel units bolted together and to the floor. The surfaces of the desk are made of 6mm toughen glass sandwiched between threaded brass pins, these allow the glass sections to be easily removable.

The desk also includes a bespoke lockable charity box integrated in to the design of the desk.

In addition to the desk section is a hand manufactured steel mesh allowing hanging items to be sold behind the receptionist. These sections are bolted to the wall through the face of the box sections encasing the mesh panels. The holes for these fixing points are covered with custom 3d printed caps that match the ral reference of the powder coating on the steel. These caps are design to perfectly match the hole size in the steel and have as little as possible of the cap protruding from the steel.